UN Women: The Journey to an Egalitarian World

UN Women is an organization that focuses on developing a standard to create an environment in which every woman and girl can exercise her human rights and live her life to its full potential. It is the global champion for gender equality and works for the elimination of discrimination against women, their empowerment, and the achievement of equality between all men and women.

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The committee is headed by Chair Isabelle Smith, and Assistant Director Akhila Joshi. The two agendas of the committee deal with Economic Empowerment and HIV respectively, and the committee reached a unanimous decision to discuss the issue of Economic Empowerment in the first session.

The committee lead several interesting discussions on various topics ranging from country specific policies, to the role of birth control and contraception in the economic development of women. The delegate of the United States of America boldly spoke about how it was important for the women to also be provided with contraceptive methods that they could carry with them and use to keep themselves protected. She spoke about how it was unfair to always expect the men to carry the contraceptives and said that women had equal rights to buy and use the same.

The delegate of Afghanistan put forward several rather interesting and important points, and This correspondent was quite amused with the committee’s interpersonal interactions, with the delegates of Netherlands and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea becoming unlikely allies, delegates passing notes in committee ending with poetic adages such as “If you are dead cause of AIDS, you can’t work.

While talking about the steps taken to uplift women, the delegates spoke about how they were encouraging the women in their countries to receive an education and to join the work force. The delegate of Singapore spoke in length about her country’s women were highly motivated and how government efforts such as start-up grants and financial aid for widows had really helped uplift and empower them. The delegate of the Central African Republic, on the other hand, slept.

The issue of the wage gap between men and women and safety of women in the workplace environment was also discussed at great length. The delegates of Singapore and the United States of America agreed upon devising solutions for the same.

The end of the second session saw the formation of four main blocs among the delegates, who seemed to have become more well versed on their respective positions. This correspondent has extremely high hopes that this committee will be successful.

– Deepakshi Datta



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