An Interview with MUN Café

MUN Café is a skill development platform aimed at inculcating 21st century leadership abilities into the Indian youth through student conferences, learning programmes, and academic simulations. This correspondent sat down for a short interview with their representatives, Executive Director of GLS Madhav Raj Bhatt, Deputy Directors Saket Ramachandra and Swathi Reddy, and SSLA alumnus Nikunj Agarwal.

IP: What has it been like working with Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts for this conference?

MUN Café: We identify with the pedagogy of SSLA. It is always a challenge to seed new learning experiences for students, however we found that SSLA was the perfect platform for us to do so because of their open-mindedness and approachability. The student team from SSLA has been absolutely delightful, and have managed to successfully learn on the task and managed to deliver an excellent conference.


IP: What is your vision for this conference?

MUN Café: Our ultimate aim is to change the narrative of education in India, which requires the support of institutions and universities to happen. The GLS is the first of what we envision as a partnership with SSLA, and one of many endeavours to actualize this goal.

IP: What message do you have for our delegates?

MUN Café: We want the delegates to be open minded and use the multicultural platforms of GLS and SSLA to step out of their comfort zones. We hope they go back home with new experiences, stories, and memories that they will retain to aid them in all their future endeavours.

Hana Masood


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