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Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts’ first ever inter-college event, the Global Leaders Summit in association with MUN Cafe, officially took off today – and participating delegates can look forward to three days of heated discussion, complete with moments of submission, victory, and compromise. The promise of a debate which is interdisciplinary and situation-based is always exciting, especially with an Executive Board from Georgetown University taking the lead. To get delegates further inspired, the host college put up some fantastic cultural performances in the opening ceremony, which were designed keeping in mind the unique nature of this conference. The Indian classical and Bollywood dances along with a medley of Indian folk and popular songs were wonderfully performed, and the audience seemed thoroughly pleased by the end of it.

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Events such as the GL Summit help today’s youth exercise aspects of their mind which schools and even colleges do not account for. The opening ceremony heard a lot of talk about the youth and the way they would impact the world in the future, and how important it is to shape them with the right qualities. In a time marked by fake information and loss of privacy, we need our youth to be more vigilant than ever before, so that when the time comes along they are there on hand to make the correct decisions. With the impact of globalization, the idea of a global citizen has increasingly taken hold: a malleable personality who is representative of the sheer cultural diversity of the world we live in. We need to think from as many viewpoints and as many disciplines as possible, but with a strong base of realism. Events like the GL Summit help you do that and in the words of the Director-General Georgina Kenchington, “push for change and have fun while doing it.”

– Shubhayan Sengupta


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