The Friendly Lok Sabha: Chalo Dosti Ka Haath Badhate Hai

This peaceful committee began with 17 active members, Chairperson Grace Kim and Assistant Director Akshat Nagori. These two brilliant Executive Board members began with an encouraging speech and let their expectations flow through it. By the end of the first day and an engaging conversation later with the Executive Board, the press found out that the committee definitely achieved more than the Chair had expected of them.
The Chairperson quickly skimmed through the procedures of the MUN and opened the floor for motion. The Lok Sabha had a choice of three agendas namely; Cyber Security, Energy security and the Kashmir Conflict. Even though active speakers like Idris Ali, Maheish Girri, Sonia Gandhi, Dayakar Pasunoori and Harinder Singh Khalsa chose Cyber Security as their preferred agenda and proposed moderated caucuses to discuss the issue, the motions did not pass and the Secondary Speaker’s List was opened to reach a common ground.

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Once the committee finally decided to choose the topic, it was followed by a 10-minute moderated caucus where discussion about hackers, infrastructure, and IT laws took place. The fun began when Idris Ali walked up to the dais and quoted Chief Minister of Bengal, Mamata Banerjee when she described the 2017 Budget as “clueless, useless, mission less, baseless, action less and heartless”.
Mr. Ali became instantly popular among the rest of the parliamentarians with his brilliant lobbying skills through chit passing and the fervour with which he proposed motions after motions. Shri Jay Prakash Narayan Yadav, on the other hand, kept chewing gum with an intense look on his face as if plotting something brilliant and innovative. This was proved wrong when he passed a chit to Mr. Ashok Kumar saying “Bhai neend aa rahi hai kya kare?” (Bro I’m sleepy what do we do?) after which he promptly drifted off to sleep, without a care in the world only to be awoken by the Assistant Director.
A 15-minute unmoderated caucus had a surprising end, as the creation of blocs was done in a very friendly and peaceful manner.
The committee returned for the second session with only nine members but began buzzing with enthusiasm when they received an update by an anonymous source claiming responsibility for a large-scale hack. This sparked a debate about ISIS and how it has been manipulating the civilian minds of different countries through the cyber world.
An unmoderated caucus of 20 minutes following this had a productive conclusion, and two bills were introduced to committee. A decision was made to form a regulatory body to prevent cyber terrorism. Meanwhile, the Assistant Director checked himself out on his laptop screen and smiled to himself.
The second session closed with the committee receiving feedback from the Chair and Assistant Director, and the delegates promising to make the next day even more productive.

– Oishani Banerjee



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