Closing Ceremony: This is not the G8, this is not the G20, this is the G196!

As the curtain fell on the first ever Global Leaders’ Summit at the Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts, an atmosphere of eerie satisfaction and accomplishment filled the hall. The seats gradually began filling up, and when everyone was eventually seated, the Director-General – Georgina Kenchington – took the podium to deliver her speech. She was extremely pleased, and of course proud to announce that this year’s Summit was not only hugely productive in terms of the quality and level of debates witnessed, but it was also successful due to the able assistance of the organizing committee and the immense energy and anticipation of the delegates themselves.

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Many surprises awaited the delegates at the closing ceremony. Not only did they hear praise and constructive feedback from the executive board members of all committees, each Chair announced a winning prize for the two – ‘best’ and ‘outstanding’ delegates for their respective committees. Although only six people took home trophies for their performance at the Summit, everyone is taking back memories of new friends, heated arguments, comical anecdotes, good food, and great cultural performances!

It was only fair that a conference as filled with life and energy as the Global Leaders’ Summit 2017 would end with a performance just as enigmatic. The Dance Club at SSLA ably helped conclude the conference on a high note with their spectacular fusion dance performance. The oomph in the room was palpable.

With closing addresses from Anita Patankar (Director, SSLA), Swathi Reddy (Deputy Director GL Summit 2017) and Ritwik Sharma (President of the Secretariat), delegates were congratulated on their journey to becoming responsible global citizens, thanked for their participation and invited in advance to the next Global Leaders Summit. With that, we saw the end of a weekend filled with conversations, curiosity and celebrations!

– Pooja Yadav


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