ICC: A Step Closer to the Eradication of Corruption

The last meeting of the International Cricket Council began buzzing even with the small number of 8 delegates. An instant and interesting formal discussion began on the generation of funds and the improvement in the present revenue structure by the Anti-Corruption Unit.

The discussion on the complete separation of the ACU from the ICC for a clean and corruption free game sparked great enthusiasm in the committee. The delegate of Netherlands’ statement on commercialisation of cricket leading to increasing corruption proved quite controversial. The delegate of India also talked about the importance of the expansion of the ACU along with its separation from the ICC.

On the proposal of an unmoderated caucus for 20 minutes, the chair firmly asserted that he wanted to view a draft resolution by the end of the same. At the end of the unmoderated caucus, a heated and gruelling session began as delegates questioned draft resolutions and proposed plausible amendments.

The draft resolution of which India was a signatory, included solutions such as the increasing of manpower in the ACU and reallocation of funds in the ICC in order to not only get rid of corruption but also to expand the game of Cricket. The resolution also insisted on the suspension of any cricketer found guilty of any sort of corruption by the ACU, regardless of their status in the ICC.

The draft resolution authored by Netherlands, Ireland and Scotland encouraged a third-party auditor for auditing the financial reports by ACU and also brought into discussion the use of incentives to help countries take up strong stances against corruption.

Friendly and unfriendly amendments were made to the resolutions in an unmoderated caucus instead of a formal amendment process on the chair’s discretion, due to the paucity of time.

An infamous enmity was brought to a halt as the session ended and the delegate of India congratulated the delegate of Netherlands on having his draft resolution voted as the official resolution for the International Cricket Council at the Global Leaders’ Summit 2017.

– Oishani Banerjee


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