The Final Roll Call: Lok Sabha Day 3

The last day of the Lok Sabha conference began with the presence of 14 extremely energetic committee members who were well prepared to get their respective resolutions passed. The final session began with a formal discussion to introduce the amendments that the members wanted to implement.

Sonia Gandhi was of the opinion that Resolution 1.1 lacked proper details on cyber security. Maheish Girri, who was a sponsor for the aforementioned Resolution, stated that the sub-clauses discussed the same in detail and that Gandhi should read the resolution correctly. In fact, Girri was not alone in his dislike of Gandhi since most members seemed rather unimpressed when she tried to put her points across.

Meanwhile, the Assistant Director referred to himself as “the saltiest AD in committee” after he told Idris Ali that it was “not a bargain dude,” when Ali tried to press for an extension in speaking time. Ali also seemed to have brought out the witty side of the Assistant Director when he asked for an abbreviation for a ‘Friendly Amendment”;

Ali: Is it necessary to mention that the amendment is a ‘friendly’ or can I just write ‘F’?

AD: Come on man! And for an unfriendly, what will you write, FU?

When the Committee was working on their amendment proposals, Girri looked extremely flustered and confused as he tirelessly tried to get all his proposals on paper. As the Chair declared that there was one minute remaining for their discussion on amendments to end, Girri let out a rather constipated noise. At the same time, Ashok Kumar walked up to this correspondent and asked if the Chair was angry at him since he had entered rather late.

The Committee then embarked upon a discussion on the Friendly and Unfriendly Amendments that had been proposed by the members. During this time, two members of the Committee were engaged in covert hand-holding. Harinder Singh Khalsa was rather unimpressed at the end of this session. Idris Ali was also spotted mumbling.

Before the voting process began, Dr. Rattan Lal Kataria established that change is the most important thing and that we were all looking for a better, more developed India. Dr. Kulamani Samal also made several important points.

The voting process then began and all the Committee members rallied to get their respective resolutions passed. After a power-packed debate, one resolution was finally passed and the Committee had achieved their goal. Our correspondent was able to get a quote from Mr. Girri on this respect: “Nothing can be more thrilling in committee than to fail the opposition’s resolution.”

The committee came to a bittersweet end with a motion for entertainment. Mr. Khalsa and Mrs. Gandhi were forced to slow dance; Mr. Ali, Mr. Kataria and Mr. Ashok Kumar danced with immense energy; Dr. Samal rapped; Madam Chair narrated a rather interesting story and finally, the Assistant Director ended the session by reciting the absolute value of pi. All in all, the Lok Sabha session was immensely entertaining one and nobody present in Committee wished to leave.

Deepakshi Datta


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