GIRA meets SSLA!

The Global Leaders Summit would not have been possible without the wonderful Executive Board, consisting of talented, experienced MUNers from Georgetown International Relations Association, USA.

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 6.08.01 pm

The Director-General of the conference, Georgina Kenchington, was delighted to return to India. She was genuinely very impressed with the proceedings of the summit, and expressed her interest in returning and taking this relationship forward. She thoroughly enjoyed the food and the people in Pune, having interacted with delegates and SSLA students and faculty in committee, during lunch, and while painting at the live art installation. We hope she managed to stock her suitcases full of her favourite masala wafers, something she pledged to do after her first bite.

Grace Kim, Chairperson of the Lok Sabha, had some very interesting experiences at GLS as well. She was bemused at how true to their name her committee was at being an unparliamentary parliament. She, too, was left more than satisfied after her committee ended debate with a strong resolution. Having studied the Indian government, Grace felt that listening to Indians talk with such conviction and so much knowledge about the heavy topics on the agenda really changed the way she looked at Indian politics and the manner in which it has been perceived by Indians.

This was ICC Chairperson Rohit Tallapragada’s second trip to India since he had visited his family during his childhood. He thoroughly enjoyed the cultural performances put up by the SSLA students, and more so the delegates in his committee who debated brilliantly. Although his committee was small, he said he was pleasantly surprised by how many different points were brought up and how his delegates dealt with the issues discussed in committee. Needless to say, his delegates loved him back, with all of them leaving committee with grins on their faces and praises to sing about their Chair.

UN Women’s Chairperson Isabelle Smith, a first year student at Georgetown, was hit by the differences between India and her home country. She was quite amused at the fact that delegates in her committee did not flinch when they heard roaring motorbike sounds from Airport Road, and that they were completely unaffected by random power shortages during committee. She echoed the sentiments of her peers with regards to the level of debate put forth by the delegates, and was also happy about how enthusiastic they were in committee.

It was a pleasure meeting these lovely people and getting to know them better. We hope they had a great time in Pune and would love to host them again!

– Hana Masood



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